The Top 6 Essential Financial Reports for Your Small Business

As a financial services provider, we at KGC often get asked the question: what sort of financial reporting should I use for my small business? Hopefully, if you are asking this question, you are already at a stage where you are keeping great records of your transactions and business records- and already have some financial […]

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8 Bookkeeping Tips to Set Your Small Business Up For Success

As a small business owner, your to-do list might seem never-ending, and bookkeeping might not be your highest priority. While staying on top of your small business finances is crucial to running a successful business, we realize it’s certainly not the most fun part of the job. That is why we’ve decided to share our […]

Everything You Need to Know About Merchant Services for Your Small Business

In today’s increasingly digital society, cash is no longer king. We have gotten used to the wonderful convenience of paying by card nearly everywhere where we go- whether it’s farmers and craft markets, food truck events, your local corner store, you name it! But for a small business owner trying to navigate the many electronic payment […]

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How to Avoid Audits & Keep Your Small Business Compliant

Business Owners have a tough job keeping their small businesses compliant. With the freedom of being your own boss also comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to maintaining your small business finances. Even the most seasoned small business owners hate dealing with taxes and legal paperwork, and for good reason. Business laws and compliance […]

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