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Decluttering Your Finances

Minimalism and finances are two words that aren’t often seen in the same sentence. Maybe it’s because keeping track of finances typically involves hoarding heaps of invoices, receipts, paystubs, legal documents, and other nonsensical bureaucratic paperwork that small business owners need to keep track of. Who invented these things? Why do we need them? And […]

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Getting Your Clients to Pay You on Time: The Small Business Edition

It’s no secret that your small business needs to keep cash flowing in to stay up and running. We’ve mentioned before how important it is to check your invoices at the end of every month and make sure your clients have paid their bills- who wants to leave money on the table, after all? But […]

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Your Small Business Tax Checklist

This tax checklist will help you pay your small business taxes correctly, get the most deductions, and file with plenty of time to spare. Tax season is upon us! Technically, your small business taxes may not be due for another few months, but to avoid stress and processing backups, filing early is a great way […]

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