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How to Avoid Audits & Keep Your Small Business Compliant

Business Owners have a tough job keeping their small businesses compliant. With the freedom of being your own boss also comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to maintaining your small business finances. Even the most seasoned small business owners hate dealing with taxes and legal paperwork, and for good reason. Business laws and compliance […]

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Why Sales Don’t Always Equal Profit for Small Businesses

Imagine this: It’s a hot summer day, and you own an ice cream parlor.  You’ve had lines out the doors for days, and probably have served up thousands of ice cream cones.  Scooping up cones is hard work, but it’s worth it, because the cash you’re raking in has you dreaming of buying a brand […]

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What Does a Small Business Bookkeeper Actually Do?

There are over 30 million small businesses in the United States. While starting your own enterprise afloat is already a big commitment, keeping it in business is even more challenging. One of the more confounding aspects of owning a business is the financials. A key component of that is bookkeeping. But what is bookkeeping? Why […]

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